Thursday, January 12, 2012

iPad Plunges from Near Space and Survives

If you love Apple technology and you’re accident prone then an amazing product demonstration video that was recently posted online may be of interest to you. Or you may just like videos of objects being dropped from the very edges of space. Either way this clip is worth viewing:

The folks at Rhode Island based G-Form were so confident in their latest product’s ability to protect an iPad that they switched one on, tethered in below a weather balloon and sent it souring into the stratosphere. Spoiler Alert – there’s no need to lament about the fate of the tested and tortured tablet. It survives the 100,000 foot fall without damage, which is more than my daughter’s last iPod Touch can say about a trip to the kitchen floor.

The video showcases the ascent toward the blackness of space, and the panoramic curving view from altitude, then the rapid fall back to a rocky Nevada landscape.

G-Form manufactures protective gear for electronics and for pads for athletes. Their website boasts that their products absorb more than 90% of the energy in high impact collisions. The case featured in the video retails for $44.95. You may never find yourself concerned about your treasured tablet plunging from extreme altitudes, but for less than $50 it’s a safe bet that a drop in your driveway won’t result in destruction.

If you just like watching people torture iPads then check out the G-Form website which also features a video of 12-pound bowling balls being bounced off protected and unprotected iPads.

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