Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spaceport America thriving

Spaceport America, located not far from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, continues to thrive despite a faltering global economy. Seems investors believe the future is in space travel. Putting things in orbit, colonizing and exploring the other planets in the Solar System and exploiting the resources available 'out there' continue to hold the most promise for future economic growth.

Virgin Galactic is the most recognized tenant at the first private spaceport in the United States, but they will hardly be the last. They have a 20 year lease for the property and plan to start launching sub-orbital flights with SpaceShip Two sometime in the next couple years. (Nothing with Virgin Galactic is 'for sure' but they are mostly sure.)
Spaceport America is already home to the Rocket Racing League, a division of the UK’s Starchaser Industries, the Wirefly X Prize Cup, and UP Aerospace.
Several unmanned launches have been conducted here, and more are planned.

It remains to be seen exactly what the future of space travel will look like, but chances are it will come from Spaceport America, first.

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