Thursday, February 11, 2010

What is the SDO and why should we care?

The Solar Dynamics Observatory is NASA's latest attempt to understand the inner workings of the star at the center of our solar system. Better known as the Sun.

This the first mission of NASA's Living With a Star (LWS) Program. The idea of these missions to better understand the causes and effects of solar weather; how to predict changes in space weather and perhaps protect against severe storms.

The SDO spacecraft lifted off from Kennedy Space Center this morning aboard an Atlas 5 rocket.

Twitter was abuzz with news of the fantastic launch:

Picture perfect view of SDO's launch, courtesy @NASAKennedy

SDO data coming from Antigua tracking station. So far the flight is going very well, exactly as expected.

Picture of SDO launch (better ones to come soon) #SDOisGo

NASA launches rocket carrying solar observatory

Clouds cleared enough to see a beautiful launch. #SDOisGO

WOW!!!THAT WAS AMAZING! Loud, we can still see the vehicle now, just apoint, contails .. THIS is so cool!!

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