Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shuttle Endeavor night launch

Check out this home video of the view of the night launch of Shuttle Endeavor. Listen to the "oooohs" and "aahhhs" of the folks in the background, and the calls from the children, "Can we do it again?" (Video Credit)

Reuters news service has great close-up video of the recent night launch of Shuttle Endeavor. This is likely the last shuttle night launch, at least for now.

If you remember the first shuttle launch, April 12, 1981, I'd love to hear your memories. Myself, I recall my trip down to Kennedy to watch Shuttle Columbia head to orbit for STS-1, the first seven day orbital mission. It seems it was delayed a million times, but actually, just once.
It was hot, very hot, despite the fact it was only April. But no matter. The excitement I felt, knowing this was an actual "spaceship" far outweighed any discomfort from the two-hour drive, or the heat, or the wait, or the disappointment when the countdown clock stopped just a minute from lift-off.
And when it finally did lift off the next day I saw that too.

(Photo Credit)

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Anonymous said...

The first shuttle launch was spectacular, I watched from our car parked along side the road. Watched many more over the years, and the night launches are always the most beautiful to behold. A moment of history from my front lawn. NASA ROCKS!