Friday, February 26, 2010

Blue Origins secrets (partially) unveiled

I'd hardly say the secret of the Blue Origin spaceship company has been fully revealed, but this story at at least has a few more morsels of information than we had been privvy to before.

It would be nice to know a little more about their Goddard rocket and the New Shepard spacecraft, but alas, it seems that will not happen until they are fully functioning.

Top on the list is how many test flights have already been performed by the Goddard vehicle. The November 2006 test — the only one publically announced — was unveiled in January 2007.

"I can't talk about our flight test program, other than what's already on the web. And I can't talk about schedule," Lai said. "But we have performed multiple flights with Goddard."

Jeff Bezos, the founder/owner of, has a strictly enforced code of silence at his new rocket design company. And for good reason, it seems.

Burt Rutan, of Scaled Composites (the company which built SpaceShip One and SpaceShip Two) has himself often lamented those in his industry who promise the Moon and fail to deliver. Rutan is famous for being "tight-lipped."

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