Monday, June 22, 2009

New Mexico Spaceport breaking ground

CNN is reporting work has officially begun on the New Mexico Spaceport.

At a groundbreaking ceremony Friday, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson talked about the world's first facility for space tourists.
"New Mexicans have stepped up to the plate by making this investment," Richardson said. "This groundbreaking ceremony is an important step toward our goal of being at the forefront of a vibrant, new commercial space industry."
The almost $200 million project is funded by the state. Once completed, British business magnate Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic will begin taking tourists to space from the facility.

If you visit the official Spaceport America web site you can catch some awesome new video of Scaled Composites WhiteKnightTwo (which has had 11 successful test flights) gearing up for its maiden spaceflight sometime in 2010.

NASA, meanwhile, continues to tinker (and re-tinker) with its next generation spacecraft Ares and Orion, part of the Constellation Program which will eventually replace the aging shuttle fleet.

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