Sunday, May 17, 2009

XCOR Lynx is only Phase 1

Don't call it a space plane. It's a sub-orbital spaceship.
XCOR's Lynx is within 12 months of its first test flight and talk is it could challenge Virgin Galactic in the race to sub-orbital space tourism.

Check out this cool promotional video from XCOR

But Lynx is only the first of XCOR's planned spaceships. Eventually, XCOR CEO Jeff Greason, plans to offer seats and payload for orbital flights, and beyond.

Greason once worked for Intel and was a lead developer at Rotary Rockets, which developed the Roton. Sure he wants to go to orbit.
So do lots of others.
But Greason is committed. He has endured where others have turned away.

It remains to be seen if Lynx will ever fly. But you can bet that when (or if) it does, you'll read about it right here.

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