Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Secret of Blue Origin

While President Barack Obama debates funding for NASA, and NASA itself debates the future of the shuttle fleet and even the future of its next generation spacecraft, others, many others in fact, struggle against the odds to build their own spacecraft.

Here's an update on one of them:
In 2000, just before the tech bubble burst, founder Jeff Bezos invested a sizable portion of his fortune into his own spacecraft system, called Blue Origin. His group started work in seclusion on 150,000 acres in West Texas.In 2007 they actually release a small snip of video of their new vertical lift-off and landing craft, dubbed Goddard.

Nothing new has come out of the Blue Origin group since the video, but a quick visit to their web site tells you something very interesting: They're hiring.

Their motto says it all: Gradatim Ferociter (Look it up if you don't know.)

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