Friday, May 15, 2009

NASA TV: Not quite for everyone

Are you desperate for entertainment? If so, might I suggest NASA TV.

Now don't get me wrong. Clearly I am a fan of all things space related. But just because I'm a space nut doesn't mean I can't appreciate a nice soundtrack, voice-over, costume change and action sequence; Big Hollywood productions do not turn me off.
There is nothing like that on NASA TV. In fact, it's just facts. Nothing but the facts. And if you've ever seen a rocket scientistl trying to be funny, well, it can get ugly real fast.

There are a multitude of channels available including live views of the International Space Station, shuttle mission updates, launches and cool interactions with Russian Federal Space Agency officials who say stuff that literally needs to be translated...

Despite my objection to the fact its really quite boring, I still watch every chance I get. Because there is nothing cooler than watching science space.

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