Friday, February 02, 2007

Lockheed Martin Gets Keys to the Future (and $8 Billion)

According to this story in Florida Today, on Tuesday, NASA officials handed over the keys to the vehicle assembly building to be used by Lockheed Martin engineers designing the new Orion space vehicle. Though the company received an $8 billion contract for the project, the state of Florida also offered them $45 million to refurbish the outdated (though historically significant) Operations & Checkout Building, which will house the new spacecraft.

The O&C Building is the site where the Apollo spacecraft and Skylab were built, but it had long since fallen into disrepair. The new deal means the building will not be sold-off to developers (as had been planned) and will continue to play a vital role in the nation's space program, as it always has.

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Darnell Clayton said...

This is good news indeed! I'm really excited to see NASA outsourcing more and more of its expertise to the private sector!

Despite the massive budget cuts they are taking via Congress, NASA may be able to fulfill its mission of bringing humanity to the cosmos without going broke.


Good to see you on the new blogger. :-)