Thursday, February 01, 2007

ISS Has Full Slate for 2007

In what is its most ambitious schedule yet, the crew of the International Space Station in 2007 will undertake more spacewalks, install more hardware and expand the size of their living quarters to create a space-based laboratory that would make DS9 Commander Benjamin Sisko proud.

Star Trek analogies aside, if NASA and its cadre of international partners are successful, by 2008 the station will be much larger, have more power and be able to conduct more science than ever before. More space, means more room for additional crew, and a reason for the first ISS spacecraft developed by the European Space Agency, the Automated Transfer Vehicle. Designed as a resupply craft, the ATV provides yet another means of getting supplies to the station without the need for the Shuttle or Progress spacecraft.

Japan too intends to build its own resupply ship for its Kibo laboratory which will be installed later this year.

In addition to this news, NASA this week signed agreements with two more private space launch companies to possibly provide future ships for flights to and from ISS though neither company yet has a completed craft...

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