Friday, February 02, 2007

General Contractors in Space! has a nifty story detailing plans to build a lunar community in the 2020's, and the steps currently being taken to make that dream a reality.

Chief among them is understanding the tools we will need and the materials we will have to work with. Last year's discovery that microwaving moon dirt creates something similar to concrete has become a plan to build rovers which will do the job automatically; inflatable modules once tossed around as a possibility have become the choice of future designers and companies like Bigelow Aerospace are already putting some of those designs to good use in orbit.

But perhaps the most important part of any future lunar community will be the men and women of all nations who go there to work, live and carve out a future home for humanity. But truth be told these astronauts, though rigorously trained in all the skills needed to survive such a harsh environment, will be not much more than general contractors, building the subdivisions of the future...

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