Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Endeavor Returning After Three-Year Overhaul

Florida Today is reporting NASA crews are hard at work reconstructing shuttle Endeavor following a three-year overhaul in the wake of the Columbia disaster. It will roll out to the launch pad on May 25, slated for liftoff to the International Space Station on June 29. It will be NASA's 119th shuttle mission. It's payload is small section of the ISS truss.

Perhaps its most precious cargo, however, will be astronaut educator, mission specialist Barbara Morgan.
Morgan will be NASA's first "educator astronaut", following in the footsteps of her successor, Christa McAuliffe, killed with six other astronauts in the Challenger disaster of 1986.
McAuliffe was to teach two lessons during her trip; It is hoped Morgan will provide NASA with the tools needed to better connect its mission for space exploration with schoolchildren everywhere...

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