Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dream Chaser Developer Still Making Headlines, Despite Not Having Hardware

Brian Emmett, the software consultant who gave up the free suborbital spaceflight with Virgin Galactic he won from Oracle Corp. (valued at $138,000) is still making headlines, with a little help from Benson Space Co. founder, Jim Benson.

Granted the SpaceDev Dream Chaser is a real concept, with an impressive heritage of success,it is also true that at this time no hardware has been displayed, much less tested. Suborbital flights are not scheduled until late 2008, and no commercial flights until 2010, but the lack of an actual craft for shake-out means anything could happen between now and then; multiple delays are nearly guaranteed.

However, credit Benson with keeping the company name in the news, by offering Emmett a job and a free ticket to ride one of the first flights, provided he write about his experiences during testing and training.
Benson, with 30 years experience as a successful technology entrepreneur, knows his way around the business of making money, so leave it to him to take advantage of good PR...

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Anonymous said...

Jim Benson here.

What do you mean Benson Space Company has no hardware? :-) No one else does either. At least we are using a proven NASA vehicle design, based on their HL-20, which in turn was reversed engineered from the successful Soviet orbital BOR-4. SpaceDev will soon complete the Phase I development of the Dream Chaser, and then BSC will begin Phase II, the fabrication and testing of the spaceship and rocket motors.

Jim Benson