Monday, February 05, 2007

Discovery Astronaut Charged with Attempted Kidnapping

CNN is reporting that NASA astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak, mission specialist aboard Discovery shuttle flight STS-116 last July, and the first Italian-American woman in space, has been arrested and charged with the attempted kidnapping of a romantic rival.
According to reports Nowak, married with three children, was vying with another woman for the affection of astronaut William A. Oefelein, pilot aboard shuttle flight STS-116.
Police say Nowak followed the woman, Colleen Shipman, from Texas to Florida, then accosted her in the parking lot of Orlando International Airport. During a search of Nowak's vehicle police discovered a BB gun, steel mallet and folding knife; rubber gloves and garbage bags; maps to Shipman's home and love letters to Oefelein.
Police also say Nowak told them she only intended to scare Shipman into talking to her about the relationship issue; she admitted having some sort of relationship beyond a working one with Oefelein, though she declined to be more specific.
The Orlando Sentinel has a copy of the arrest affidavit here.

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