Wednesday, January 24, 2007

UFO, or just another trick of the light?

Reports of an Unidentified Flying Object
(or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,
as alien-watchers currently prefer) at
Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport
have spread like wildfire ever since
the Chicago Tribune printed a story on
New Year’s Day about the sighting.
Several United Airlines workers,including
supervisors, mechanics and pilots, said
they saw a flying saucer hover over
United Airlines’ Concourse C for several
minutes at around 430 p.m. on
Nov. 7, 2006, before it shot into the sky,
leaving a hole in the clouds.

It took some doing before this story
found its legs.
The National UFO Reporting Center,
based in a former ICBM missile silo
in Washington State, apparently was
the first to report the incident after
a worker contacted the agency. After
the center president was interviewed
by paranormal radio jock George Noory,
whose Coast to Coast AM show airs
across the country (usually in the dead
of night), at least one other worker
corroborated the story to NUFORC.
At some point the Tribune picked
up the story.

We should note that none of the witnesses
have allowed their names to be published.
United denies knowing anything about the
sighting, and Federal Aviation Administration
said air traffic controllers saw nothing out
of the ordinary and detected nothing
on radar. For that matter, nobody has come
forward with any video, which, these days,
is suspect in itself.

But conspiracy theorists have some ammo to
keep this story interesting. FAA at first
denied any knowledge of the event. When the
newspaper asked to inspect tower
communications from that day, however, the
federal agency admitted that a United
supervisor had indeed called the control
tower to ask if they saw an
elliptical object hovering over the concourse.
Who knew that the thugs conducting
the greatest cover up in human history could
be thwarted by a Freedom of Information
Act request?

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