Wednesday, January 24, 2007

India Catching-up with Space Faring Nations

India has made no secret of its intention to become a space faring nation. Recently they successfully launched and retrieved their first orbiting space capsule, laying the groundwork for a manned flight sometime in the next few years.

For 60 years the Indian Space Research Organization has sought to develop technologies that will help them fully develop their nation and better provide for the future of their nation. In fact, their research developments have provided better weather forecasting and wireless communciation capability for less-developed portions of their country, thereby increasing its ability to be a productive member of the global community.

The Chandrayaan project aims to put a satellite in orbit around the Moon this year or next, and their pursuit of a scramjet launch system promises to offer a low-cost launch capability in the very near future.
Soon US companies may outsource more than call-centers to India...

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