Wednesday, January 24, 2007

China Hits the Bullseye

The Chinese government has officially confirmed what governments around the world realized last week: They possess the power to shoot down any satellite they choose, at will.

SBA does not view this as a threat to world safety, merely as an amazing technological feat. Keep in mind the Chinese system does not blow up the target with a bomb or burn it up with a beam of plasma, but rather uses a blunt-tipped, spear-like, instrument to literally knock the low-earth-orbit satellite down. Nice shot, if you ask me.

Could this weapon be used against China's adversaries around the world? Yes. Of course, so could the arsenal of nuclear weapons kept in silos in the UK, US, India, Pakistan, France and Russia. Not to mention whatever capabilities Iran, North Korea and a host of other nations are keeping hidden.

And keep in mind, China is hardly the first nation to consider using weapons of mass destruction in space.
They are merely the first to tip their hand in this regard...

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