Tuesday, August 08, 2006

George Lucas Finds New Way to Make Money from Star Wars

According to Space.com, George Lucas has agreed to allow his entire Star Wars epic, all 13-plus hours of it, be reduced to a 20-minute comedic abridged version.

The Reduced Shakespeare Company will film their version at London's Criterion Theatre on August 17. Likely it will be available in DVD form by Christmas, although that has not been confirmed.

At 62, Lucas has made more dollars from his six-film franchise, tie-ins and merchandising, than there are stars in the galaxy. And he is not simply trying to squeeze every last dime from devoted fanatics of his old work, he is also currently planning four new projects, two of which have nothing to do with Star Wars...


mark_smith said...

Good to see George is still working be good to see what the two projects are that involves star wars.

The Space Ace said...

Don't forget, there are two more installments of animated Clone Wars movies yet to come. One is in post-production and the other is slated for 2007.