Thursday, May 11, 2006

Texas Turns Its Back On Oil, Embraces Wind Power

Texas, known as much for its oil rig dotted landscape as it is for cowboys and cattle, is turning more and more to an alternative power source. Wind turbines are popping-up all over the Lone Star State like prairie dogs in the desert.
This latest project would slap 500 wind turbines in the Gulf of Mexico off Padre Island. With the exception of some complaints about dangers to migratory birds, the project seems sound.
But there have been other projects, large and small, that promised the wonders of wind power.
According to, Texas has a number of sites suitable for the development of wind turbine power parks. It also has a list of a half dozen wind turbine farms and assorted solar energy projects currently in use.

Overcoming our energy deficit is part of moving forward as a species. Getting into space requires massive amounts of energy. Traveling between the planets, much less the stars, requires even more massive amounts of energy.
Many people are saying it's time we turn to alternative energy sources.

At least, they are in Texas...

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