Friday, May 05, 2006

Build a Lunar Lander, Win $2.5 Million

NASA and the X-Prize Foundation have teamed up to spearhead a new Lunar Lander centennial Challenge worth $2.5 million to the first team to design, build and demonstrate a lunar Lander.
There will be two stages to the challenge, each designed to test different capabilities of the craft. Each Lander must hover, land and reach low-Moon-orbit.

It's hoped the partnership will procure a new and better craft faster than the traditional method, which hasn't worked well for quite some time.
Other centennial Challenges include re-designing the astronaut glove; building a space-elevator-type tether; extracting Oxygen from moon dirt; and systems to beam power from point-to-point.


Darnell Clayton said...

Good to see that NASA is finally taking a hint from the Penatgon--let the private sector "do your stuff" and you will not only end up with better equipment, but have it at a decent price.

After the competition, I wonder if NASA will do something similiar for Bio Domes on the Moon?

The Space Ace said...

Given the spectacular disaster that was Biosphere 2, NASA is right to be a little gun-shy of jumping into that fray.
(Do we really want to risk a 'BioDome 2' starring an ever-more aged Pauly Shore?)
But if the Centennial Challenges program works as well as they hope, we'll likely see prizes offered for other, more difficult tasks...