Monday, May 15, 2006

Astrobiologist Dishes Dirt On NASA

Although a little wistful and melodramatic at times, Keith Cowing's four part essay on the deterioration of astrobiology-science at NASA under current Chief Mike Griffin is insightful. We're not often privy to the inner thoughts of scientists and researchers--usually relegated instead to just their discoveries.
Plus, since Cowing is an astrobiologist, scientist, researcher, writer and Web master--and has done work for the NASA Haughton-Mars Project--he knows of what he writes.
And he writes a lot.

While we at SBA have applauded Griffin in the past for his efforts at getting back to spaceship basics, trying to save the Hubble and keeping NASA under some-sort of budgetary constraint, we would be disheartened to hear he had turned his back on the very spark that ignites the curiosity of everyone who dreams of heading for the stars...Life.

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