Saturday, April 15, 2006

Eye-Spy Uranus

Admit it: That headline made you smile, didn't it?

Well, if you've ever wondered how the blue giant of our solar system got its unique name, and how to find it in the night sky with the naked eye, check out this interesting story from Dr. Tony Phillips, a NASA scientist.

And let me just advise Dr. Phillips--not only schoolchildren get a kick out of saying Ur-anus...(snicker, snicker)...


Darnell Clayton said...

Heh! That title sure did catch my attention! ;)

I'm glad they changed the name as visiting "planet George" would have sounded awkward (especially with Neptune behind it and Saturn in front).

The Space Ace said...

Good point. Also, they would have named uranium "georganium" instead...(not a very pretty word, is it?)