Monday, April 17, 2006

Engineers Complain But Nobody Listens

Engineers are usually the first people to know, the first people to warn everyone else about what's about to go wrong and the last people anybody ever listens to until after a disaster has happened.

So it may be with micro-electro-mechanical systems, or MEMS.

According to this story at some mechanical engineers are suggesting industry leaders are slow to implement improved technology--so-called MEMS-- because of the inherent risk involved in this kind of move. Well, get busy living or get busy dying.
Some of the benefits of micro-electromechanical systems: better gas mileage in your automobile and satellites that cost one-tenth what it takes to get one built, in orbit and functioning today.

MEMS could revolutionize every electro-mechanical device in use today. Making them better, faster and more affordable.
That sounds like a good investment to me. Now let's see if anybody listens...

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