Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Scotty's Ashes To Be Launched Into Space Aboard A Falcon

All eyes are on the still-pending maiden flight of SpaceX's Falcon 1, with good reason. But a subsequent Falcon flight will be interesting in it's own right.

In addition to the government payload on the following launch, SpaceX has a seconday cargo from Space Services, Inc. - the folks who offer "space funeral flight" services. The secondary cargo in question will be the "Explorers Flight", carrying the ashes of (at last count) 188 persons, inluding actor James Doohan (you may have heard of him...) and astronaut Gordon Cooper (another you just may have heard of...)

While the launching of ashes into space in this manner isn't exactly news (SSI has been doing it since 1997), the cooperation between SpaceX and SSI is intriguing and somewhat ironic.

We have Falcon as the "the world’s first fully reusable launch vehicles", and SSI was "the first ever private launch into outer space."

Now about that pesky Falcon maiden flight...

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