Wednesday, February 01, 2006

NASA Tests Alternative Propulsion Thruster Technology says NASA is testing a new type of thruster that is powered by non-toxic propellants. These thrusters are for in-orbit or floating maneuvering and not for lift-off.

This sudden interest in non-toxic fuels for spacecraft subsystems is in stark contrast to it's perceived lack of interest in alternative propulsion in general.

Of course thruster technology and main propulsion technology are two totally different things....


paint said...

hello im sorry but this is a little off topic but could you anser this question? How did you manage to get a picture in your title did you have to use html or something else

Wrist Rocket said...

Not a problem.

Basically you just substitute an image tag for the blog-title text in your template. It's relatively simple to see how this was done by viewing the source of any SpaceBlog Alpha page. Just use the View/Source menu in your browser and search for the h1 id="blog-title" tag. Put your img tag immediatley after that, and before the closing h1.

Sorry I can't post HTML to show you specifically in the comments, but you should be able to figure it out from this and the examples in the source.

Hope this answers your question.

paint said...

thank you for the help

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