Thursday, February 09, 2006

NASA PR Man Resigns Over "Censorship" Accusations

It appears the The Space Ace's post last week here at SBA exploring the possibililty of NASA censoring or filtering its scientist's data was right on target, and things have now come to a head. NASA public relations appointee George C. Deutsch turned in his resignation Tuesday over the controversy - involving among other things global warming and climatology data - and the agency will be conducting a complete review of its public affairs office.

Administrator Michael Griffin sent an email to all NASA workers on Saturday, quoted here by CNN:

"The job of the Office of Public Affairs, at every level in NASA, is to convey the work done at NASA to our stakeholders in an intelligible way," Griffin wrote. "It is not the job of public affairs officers to alter, filter or adjust engineering or scientific material produced by NASA's technical staff."

A refreshing statement from the man himself at NASA, and it's nice to see he is pushing the good the word to all of the administration's employees. Let's hope this attitude prevails over the long haul...

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