Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Get Involved: Help Stop The "Evisceration" Of Science From NASA's Budget

We try to keep it relatively non-political here at SpaceBlog Alpha, but of course we do promote space exploration and science with a fervor. I feel it is our duty to bring you the following breaking news:

The Planetary Society has issued an alert, also reported at the The Planetary Society Weblog.

NASA's 2007 proposed budget is forcing a lot of tough decisions, inluding the scaling back or elimination of numerous projects, mostly in the science and exploration areas. One major point of contention is the dispostion of the Shuttle program, and the need to keep spending so much on a project that is on its way out soon.

Quoted from a February 6th press release at The Planetary Society:

"Using money intended for science programs to fund continued operation of the shuttle is a serious setback to the U.S. space program," said Planetary Society President, Wesley T. Huntress, Jr. "NASA is essentially transferring funds from a popular and highly productive program into one scheduled for termination."

The Shuttle is just one issue out of many causing alarm all around the space exploration community.

The Planetary Society's Executive Director, Louis Friedman, details the "evisceration" in question here, while both he and Huntress, Jr. contributed to the space.com article further explaining their position on the NASA budgetary woes.

Take a read, get informed, and - if you feel so inclined - get involved!

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