Saturday, February 25, 2006

From the Ashes of Columbia: A New Discovery

There is no replacing the seven lives lost in the break-up of the shuttle Columbia over the skies of Texas in February 2003, but a recent unexpected discovery has proven itself a small wonder retrieved from the ashes.
The discovery of microbes which survived the explosion and subsequent re-entry burn has Texas State University-San Marcos biologist Robert McLean (at left in Texas-State photo) claiming more proof of the theory of Panspermia.
These microbes, Microbispora, had actually contaminated an experiment the Texas State team had placed in the shuttle prior to lift-off. It was not expected they would be found in the experiment at all, much less survive the extreme heat of re-entry. This has led McLean to report his findings, and their impact on Panspermia in the May 2006 issue of Icarus, the international journal on solar system studies.
It's not proof of the Panspermia theory, just more evidence for its plausibility.

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