Friday, February 17, 2006

Congress Takes Issue With NASA's 2007 Budget Proposal

In a recent post here at SBA, we reported on some alarming issues in the budget proposal out of NASA for 2007, including a devastating lack of funding for science and research. The Planetary Society alert we highlighted included a letter writing campaign to Sherwood Boehlert, the Republican chairman of the House Science Committee.

During a Thursday hearing before the House Science Committee, NASA Administrator Michael Griffin's budget proposal for 2007 was harshly criticized by both Chairman Boehlert and ranking democrat Bart Gordon.

The most telling quote from the article:

“I am extremely uneasy about this budget, and I am in a quandary at this point about what to do about it,” Boehlert told Griffin. “This budget is bad for space science, worse for Earth science, perhaps worse still for aeronautics. It basically cuts or de-emphasizes every forward looking, truly futuristic program of the agency to fund operational and development programs to enable us to do what we are already doing or have done before."

Wow. Apparently someone up there on Capitol Hill was listening...

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