Sunday, January 01, 2006

What is a Battery?

No, not the "act of beating or pounding", I am speaking of cells designed to hold an electrical current.

Everyone uses them for just about everything from toys to cell phones to ear implants to the cars we drive--just about everything requires a battery.
But how much do we know about them?

If you doubt your battery knowledge check out Battery University. The site is chock full of useful knowledge, like how to make your batteries last longer and how to get the most power out of them. There's also a wealth of information about picking the right battery for the right piece of electronic equipment.
Anyone familiar with digital cameras knows the batteries can make all the difference.

The site is sponsored by Cadex Electronics Inc., a company that's been in the battery and electronics business for 25 years, so they speak with a little authority. In addition to a 300-page online battery handbook (for people really hungry for knowledge) they also offer a handy links page and some easy-to-understand battery basics.

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