Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sputnik Flies Again--If Only in Washington

According to a story at CNN.com, business and science groups are joining forces to convince the current crop of US legislators the importance of funding math and science teacher recruitment programs.

Without math and science, they say, American students will be ill-prepared to compete in a world-wide marketplace flooded with science and math majors from places like China and India.

American students are already known for lagging behind other Western countries when it comes to these skills and according to CNN they also lack basic real-life skills, like how to count back change and how to balance a checkbook.

These groups now hope to elicit the same fear-response felt when Sputnik was lofted by the Soviets: A true push to succeed despite the cost, which eventually led to us repeatedly placing spaceships and astronauts on the Moon.

Good story. Whether it makes a difference or not, that's a totally different story....

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