Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sony Tries Again With Electric Book--But Will My Wife Want One? has an interesting story about the latest technological marvel to come out of the Sony laboratories: Sony Reader.

It's sleek, about the size of a small hardcover book, utilizes cutting edge technology to present a very readable interface, and holds the content of about 80 novels on its hard drive.

My wife is a voracious reader. She has a book in her hands almost every minute of every day, unless she's holding something else, like our daughter. But I suspect this new Sony Reader won't appeal to her for one simple reason: It's not paper.

No, my wife claims reading a book is more about the experience of reading -- feeling the texture of the paper, the smell of the book itself-- than the material she is consuming. Therefore, according to her, no electronic device will ever replicate the warmth she feels when she's reading a good book.
Or even a bad book.

But then I guess nobody mentioned this to the Sony executives...

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