Monday, January 23, 2006

Some New Mexico Lawmakers Oppose Spaceport

It's a question of dollars, 225 million of them to be exact. That's how much the New Mexico spaceport is expected to cost.

That's how much New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson wants his state legislature to spend building a new spaceport. He wants half allocated this year so the place can be operational ASAP for Virgin Galactic to launch flights from.

Some lawmakers have questioned whether they wouldn't be better off converting an old Air Force base or just scrapping the project altogether and spending their money on education, health care and infrastructure. This despite more than a decade of research suggesting the current plan is the most cost effective and potentially lucrative move.
Public sentiment, as usual, runs the gamut.

But some still question whether commercial space travel will ever be more than a dream.

That seems highly unlikely, especially given the amount of resources currently being spent by public and private enterprise to rapidly create this new industry...

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