Monday, January 02, 2006

Solar Powered Handbag--Stylish Wear for the 21st Century

Some genius at Iowa State University has created a solar powered purse called the Solarjo Power Purse, it's capable of charging a cell phone, iPod, PDA or other small electronic device with a USB port using only a tight skin of solar cells.
Retailing for around $300, the little handbags are more handy than baggy, and they're nice looking, too. I may start carrying a bag...

Solar cells are all the rage. At least they will be in a few short months. It may seem you've been hearing that for years, and you have, but now it's truer than before. At least I like to think so.
But check out these organic, bendable solar cells being developed right now.

And the new solar power plant being built in New Mexico is a great example of turning to alternatives fuel sources rather than the fossil fuels...

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