Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sally Ride Speaks Her Mind

In a pair of articles meant to coincide with the anniversary of the Challenger disaster, talks with America's first woman astronaut, Dr. Sally Ride.
Ride had a hand in the Challenger and Columbia accident investigations and offers insight into lessons learned, and lessons forgotten.
She also makes the bold prediction that should there be a third major disaster involving the shuttle the entire program will likely be immediately scrapped.

Since leaving the astronaut corps in 1987 Ride has devoted herself to programs meant to encourage young girls to pursue careers in engineering and science. In 2001 she started a site designed to "increase the number of girls who are technically literate."

She is currently President and CEO at Imaginary Lines Inc. which operates (among other things) Sally Ride Science Festivals , part science and part socializing for young girls across the country.
Visit today and sponsor a young girl to attend a festival--contribute to our future by helping to prepare everyone who will be there...

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