Monday, January 30, 2006

Rocket Racing League's First Team Signs Up is reporting the first Rocket Racing League team for the 2007 season has been announced.

U.S. Air Force reserve F-16 pilots Robert Rickard and Don Grantham, of Phoenix, Arizona, plopped down their $100,000 deposit, creating Leading Edge Rocket Racing.
The leagues first Mark-1 X-Racer will debut at the October 2006 X-Prixe Cup in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The planes will carry only enough fuel for about four minutes of thrust and achieve just ten minutes of un-motored flight time during the proposed 90-minute races, meaning pilots will need to land, re-fuel and re-join the race in progress, much as is done in auto racing.

According to league co-founder, Peter Diamandis, the main goal of the Rocket Racing League is to spur public interest in human space flight and "bringing 21st century racing into people's living rooms."

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