Saturday, January 28, 2006

Photos Wanted for New Horizons Digital Time Capsule

Fancy yourself a photographer? The Planetary Society has a deal for you:

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, traveling at more than 35,000 mph and getting a gravity push from Jupiter, still needs nine years to reach Pluto. In those intervening years the world will change, new frontiers will be discovered, new technology will be developed and new discoveries will be made.
In fact, if the spacecraft misses its rendezvous with Jupiter its trip could take an additional five years, allowing even more changes to take place here on Earth.

The Planetary Society is interested in recording images of those things that will change the most--the ones that affect us all, like the way DVD's are replacing Video tapes---and placing these things in a digital time capsule to be replayed when New Horizons reaches Pluto.

It's a contest open to anyone who has a camera and knows how to use it. But it would surely help if you had an eye for a great picture, too...

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