Tuesday, January 31, 2006

NASA Move Prompts Terse Response

Space Frontier Foundation founder, Rick N. Tumlinson, wrote an angry editorial in response to NASA's recent decision to NOT pursue methane-type rocket fuel in its next-generation spacecraft.
First NASA said it would pursue methane-alternatives, now it says it won't.

Tumlinson, hailed by many as a key player and even "Visionary" in the development of space technology the world over, points out the many faults with abandoning a new propulsion technique before it even has a chance to demonstrate its potential.
He calls into question NASA's repeated decisions to pursue non-renewable systems and technology over more efficient, less dangerous and less costly alternatives. Such as Methane.

Tumlinson makes his case quite well. It's just too bad, as he himself points out, it won't make much difference to NASA because they just won't listen to reason...

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