Monday, January 30, 2006

Mis-quote Angers Mullane, And Rightly So! is running a press release from former NASA astronaut Mike Mullane, refuting a quote attributed to him by the London tabloid, The Guardian.
In it Mullane is quoted as saying "The space shuttle is a deathtrap."

Perhaps not so surprisingly, Mullane says not only did he never utter those words, but he was never interviewed at all for the story, nor did he even speak to the reporter who wrote it.

He has written letters saying as much to the editors at The Guardian, the current astronaut corps and the NASA Public Affairs office. He has also posted his comments in a blog at

Too bad he won't get a full retraction, a written and public apology and a check to compensate him for the time he must now spend to correct someone else's mistake...

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