Monday, January 16, 2006

How To Use This Blog

Welcome to SpaceBlog Alpha!

If you’re looking for intellectual, literary,
heavy-on-the-higher-math kind of rocket science news,
keep on surfing. We’re more about relating information
that appeals to everyone; no college education

We are a Blogzine of Science, Space and Technology
news briefs. Each day our Citizen Journalists cruise
the Internet searching for the latest stories (or on
slow news days the interesting factoid) and pass this
information along to you in easily digestible morsels
we call Posts.
We provide links to references in our Posts so you can
read what corroboration is available on the World Wide
Web and see for yourself where we went to get our
information. These links DO NOT take you to
advertisements, but to more information on that topic.

If you’re looking for a specific subject, try the
“Search This Blog” tab above.

Our “Main Links” lead you to organizations devoted to
the concepts of rapid space exploration and the
pursuit of human colonies in space, and each offers a
wealth of information and ways to get involved right
now regardless of how much money you make.
Similarly our “Blogroll” leads you to the people
talking about the science stuff you want to read
about. They are the best of what’s out there in the

We may add more bells and whistles to the site later
on, but don’t expect too much. We’re keeping it simple
for a reason: This is not ‘rocket science‘, it’s about
making ‘rocket science’ fun for everybody.

So sit back, grab a cool beverage and...


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