Friday, January 13, 2006

Falcon 1 to Make Third Attempt February 8th

Though two previous scrubs have delayed the historic Falcon 1 launch, SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk shares a great deal of inside information and conceptual details about the Falcon project in his latest press realase, and is quite upbeat and forthcoming.

Most importantly for Falcon 1 itself, it seems the theory of an underlying electrical problem which caused a perceived stucutral failure proved to be correct as put forth at the time by Musk and the SpaceX team. They have done extentsive work, with exhaustive testing still in progress to alleviate this problem and other potential issues. This means Falcon will be ready to go on February 8th with a goal of making the third time a charm.

But, as Musk himself states, "Given that Falcon 1 is an all new rocket and is launching from an all new launch pad on a remote tropical island," some scurbs before success were an almost inevitable likelihood. He goes on to say "Even rockets that have launched hundreds of times from launch pads that are in heavy use have multiple scrubs...As it is, we have had one abort due to a launch pad issue and one due to the rocket. If this next attempt succeeds in getting to t-zero, SpaceX will be reasonably fortunate in the scheme of things." This puts things in perspective pretty well I believe, and highlights the fact that this private venture is quite the amazing and historic rocket.

I truly hope Falcon 1 goes off without a hitch this time, as the anticipation of this historic launch is huge for us here at SBA, but do not despair. They will get this rocket off the ground in good time, and we will celebrate when they do!

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