Thursday, January 05, 2006

Can You Buy Lunar Property? Sure! But Don't Expect Cable TV

Yes, buying lunar property is not only possible, it's quickly becoming big business. The only problem is when a company like Planetary Investments sells you a deed to Moon land, what can you do with it?
Good question.

The many company's selling lunar landscape ( a GOOGLE search of "buy lunar real estate" produced 570,000+ hits in .22 seconds) claim they have the right guaranteed under the UN Outer Space Treaty, which basically says, when it comes to space, no nukes, no weapons, everybody love one another... with nary a mention of property rights, except to say no nation can claim a planet or moon as its own.

By and large, the Treaty is a good thing, establishing the right of all humans to the celestial bodies within our Solar System, but it's a little loose on non-weapon regulations.

A Moon Treaty was written in the 1970s and it strictly forbade the for-profit private or corporate development of any space object. Endorsed by Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines and Uruguay it's widely ignored and has done nothing to prevent people from buying and selling lunar property. has been successfully selling celestial real estate since Sept. 8, 2000. They claim they have the right to sell such property on behalf of Dennis M. Hope, who filed a petition of ownership for Earth's Moon, and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (and the respective moons for each) in 1980.

Regardless, any serious building on disputed property is many years away...

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