Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Astronaut Dan Barry: Contestant on Survivor

Former NASA Astronaut Dan Barry will be a contestant on the upcoming "Survivor Panama: Exile Island".

Barry, who became an astronaut in March 1992, was mission specialist on three shuttle flights, logging over 730 hours in space including four spacewalks totaling more than 24 hours. Barry retired from NASA in April 2005 to start his own robotics company, "Denbar Robotics."
Currently, there is not much work available for shuttle mission specialists...

This 12th edition of "Survivor" is not slated to begin until Feb. 2, but already a slew of supposedly "secret" details are beginning to appear online.

Too bad I couldn't find anything online about Denbar Robotics. I guess everything pales in comparison to "Survivor"...

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