Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Win a Free Trip to Space--If You Can Wait

Last November, MSN announced the eminent arrival of two online skills games awarding free tickets to space aboard newly formed space tourism outfits, but neither of them is up and running. Yet.
The Spaceshot.com site claims to be under construction and the Virgin Galactic Quest site lets you sign-up, but then says you'll be alerted when they are ready to launch. No date offered.
Rocketplane Limited Inc. is providing the service offered by Spaceshot.com and, of course, Virgin Galactic will be providing its own flight services.
Rocketplane executives are sticking to their claim they will have commercial sub-orbital space flights by 2007. They paint a very pretty picture at their Web site, true. But no real hardware has been built, and the Oklahoma Spaceport is still not much more than a plot of land.
Compared to Virgin Galactic, using licensed SpaceShipOne technology which underwent more than two years of flight testing before three successful 'space shots' and the X-Prize.
It hardly seems like a fair race, especially in the unpredictable world of rocket science.

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