Friday, December 16, 2005

Will the Patriot Act Matter in Space?

Even as the US Congress bats specifics of the Patriot Act around, trying to determine just how many rights the average US citizen is allowed, others on Earth are wondering, will it even matter in a few years?

Space Frontier Foundation Executive Director Jeff Krukin published an article in the Winter 2005 edition of Ad Astra entitled, "Space: A Moral Vacuum". In it, Krukin wonders how the advancement of humankind into Space will affect human civilization. He asks, will humans living on the lunar surface care about what happens on the Earth? What about humans living on stations circling Jupiter, or asteroid mining colonies?

Good questions that can only be answered with time. But the more we think about how to handle the situations that might arise, the better prepared we will be for those strange things that do arise.

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