Monday, December 26, 2005

What is Blue Origin's Big Secret?

Jeff Bezos revolutionized online shopping when he created Next year he plans to begin testing a new top-secret spaceship designed to launch and land vertically, more like Buck Rogers than NASA.
His new company Blue Origin offers scant details about its project, its ship or anything at all for that matter, but the facts speak for themselves: He's already invested about $25 million in the project, so it's definitely not a joke.

It won't be a secret for much longer either. According to FAA documents, they plan to begin test launches in late 2006 from the 165, ,000 acre ranch outside Van Horn, Texas, Bezos bought earlier this year. He's promised it will be the site of a future spaceport, rocket design and testing facility and headquarters for Blue Origin.

The Blue Origin Web site tells the world two things: They are committed to "an enduring human presence in space" and they're "actively hiring."

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