Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Virgin Galactic to Offer Frequent Flier Discount

An interesting press release out of the Virgin Galactic camp:

Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic will allow Virgin Atlantic airline customers to use their conventional frequent flier miles toward upcoming space flights. Branson states there are currently 30 people with the requisite 2 million air miles, and he expects more to have that amount by the time the company's commercial space flights commence in June 2008.

While the details apply to a small segment of the Virgin customer base, it does pique the interest in a sort of "golden ticket" manner. Most importantly, however, this speaks to all of us as a reminder. Commercial space flight is a reality, and is happening soon thanks to the vision and perseverance of Branson and his extraordinary compatriots.

With any luck, by the time we elect a new President of the United States, there will be civilians on commercial space flights. How's that for timing?

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