Friday, December 09, 2005

U.S. Continues to Resist Kyoto Protocols Despite Global Pressure

At the recent U.N. conference on climate change in Montreal, the United States of America, the Earth's largest producer of heat-trapping greenhouse gases refused to discuss the nature of the problem or future ramifications of global warming, or to participate in any sort of potential future negotiations.
US climate negotiator Harlan Watson actually walked out of a session of overnight talks because Canadian officials proposed a simple dialogue on long-term actions.

Scientists from around the globe believe greenhouse gases are causing global warming and restrictions which would limit their production are needed to solve the issue of severe weather patterns which are appearing worldwide. By 2012, 40 industrialized nations have agreed to cut production of these gases by 5% from 1990 levels.

The United States, under current President George Bush, believes new technologies, not putting limits on industry, will fix the long-term problem, even as it continues to push for new sources of fossil fuels including, natural gas, oil and coal. American companies like Chevron, continue to tout cleaner burning fossil fuels as the best solution to the problem.

Obviously, somebody is right on this issue and somebody is not. Let's hope our atmosphere holds out long enough for us to figure out who...

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