Thursday, December 08, 2005

Top 10 Apollo Hoax Theories Busted!

Yes, Virginia, there are still people who believe NASA did not successfully land men and equipment on the lunar surface and safely return them home once, much less multiple times.
And yes, they are pretty stupid people.

There have been numerous scientific papers written from every corner of the globe validating the success of the Apollo program, but some refuse to believe. has a nice Top 10 list of Apollo Hoax Theories and reasons why each one is definitely wrong.
If you need even more information check out Bad Astronomy created by Sonoma State University Astronomer Phil Plait to debunk every single Apollo Hoax Theory that comes along until they are eventually (and rightly) exterminated forever.
Which I guess will be when we go back to the Moon and take photos of the stuff they left behind. Like the lunar rover, the landers, the footprints, the golf balls...oh, and the U.S. flag.

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